Tired Of Wearing Glasses?

Tired Of Wearing Glasses?

Ask our Buffalo, NY-based optometrists about contact lenses

Your glasses are never where you need them to be. When you’re driving, they’re in the case on your bedside table. When you sit down to enjoy a movie, you find the broken frames between the couch cushions.

If keeping up with your glasses is too much of a hassle, contact Blasdell Village Optical today. Our professional staff will teach you how to wear contact lenses and how to clean them properly. We’ll make sure that you feel comfortable wearing eye contacts. Stop by our office in Buffalo, NY today to speak with an eye care specialist.

Ease and vision go hand in hand

You’re ready for the freedom of eye contacts. You won’t have to try to remember where you left your glasses ever again. Blasdell Village Optical in Buffalo, NY will take the time to make sure your contact lenses are a good fit for you. Our dedicated team will consider many factors, including:

  • Your eye prescription
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your vocational needs
  • Your eye health

Are you ready to make the switch? Call us right now to schedule an appointment.