Don't Suffer In Silence with Dry Eyes

Don't Suffer In Silence with Dry Eyes

Schedule a medical eye exam in Buffalo, NY today

You go to a doctor when you think there's something wrong with your body. Shouldn't you do the same when you're experiencing eye issues? Blasdell Village Optical doesn't only provide glasses and contacts to residents of Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas. Our skilled professionals also perform comprehensive medical eye exams.

If you notice that your eyes feel itchy, blurry, watery or sensitive, don't ignore the signs. Call us right away to schedule a medical eye exam.

Are your eyes red?

Besides being unattractive, red eyes are often uncomfortable. Your eyes could be red and irritated due to decreased production of tears. The dedicated team at Blasdell Village Optical will figure out what's causing your eye condition by performing a thorough eye exam. During your medical eye exam, a knowledgeable optometrist can perform:

  • A dry eye exam
  • A cataract exam
  • A diabetic exam

Make an appointment for a dry eye exam as soon as you notice redness, stinging or watery eyes. We'll work quickly to find a solution so you can relieve the pain and see clearly.